Analysis of the 5 Point Method for Dice

The 5-Count method analyzes the players adding points depending on the result of the throw that a player makes. Known as the point roll is between 4 and 10, not counting 7 (4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10). The first time a player gets it a point is added. The second, third and fourth throws add a point whatever the result, always considering the first throw in which a point has been achieved even if the player has thrown more times. After getting the fourth point the fifth point is the one that will decide to start betting only when like to get the first the result is between 4 and 10, except for 7.When the 5 points have been added it is time to start betting, bearing in mind that with the change of pitcher you must start counting again.

Does the 5 Point Method in the Dice work?

The answer is clear. It cannot be a method that works 100% because if that were the case the casinos would lose money most of the time. Yes you must say in the favor that with this method player bet less times and when they do the chances of getting benefits tend to be higher. If you want to be sure of getting money then no method can help you. Although the 5 Points or a good strategy can help you optimize your money.You can try your luck with DADU Online.

History of Dice

The game of the dice is thousands of years old. Since its inception there have been many ways to play and the rules have been updated to reach the current.Although Dice can at first glance show a difficult game form, different versions and games can be found in all corners of the world. The only requirement that is needed to play dice is to play after knowing the rules and tricks.

In the course of World War II the favorite game of the soldiers was the Dice and they took advantage of any rest in the battle to be able to escape of the battle with a game of craps.From ancient times to the present and from the war scenarios to the school playgrounds, the dice are a game made for everyone and in which everyone enjoys.


Conclusion: When did the current dice game come about?

The origins of the game of the dice are somewhat confusing. Any document that talks about the history of the different games that exist today concludes that the origin of the dice cannot be established exactly. As with most games, the dice have been appearing as part of the culture and have evolved until it has reached the variant that is played today.No one can say who enjoyed the game in the first instance since there are many similar variants that were simultaneously in different cultures and that have influenced each other. A new area was added for non-pass bets which also included the possibility of betting for or against the shooter.